11 Steps to Manifesting in 5D - PDF Report by Mystic Omorose
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This product is a downloadable 6 page PDF report to support manifesting in 5D. 

Created by Mystic Omorose~ 


What is the fifth-dimension? 


The fifth-dimension is a new frequency band or vibration anchored onto planet earth through a collective consciousness shift or awakening. The fifth-dimension is a higher vibration than the old 3rd dimensional matrix structure fueled by competition, fear and lack. The fifth-dimension instead, is connected to a pure crystalline grid. Which is designed to work through a heart based coherence in harmony with the greatest good of all.

In order for us to access and work with this higher dimensional grid. So that we can merge with and become a pure stream of joy and bliss easily radiating and attracting prosperity consciousness and empowered co-creations. We must raise our own personal frequencies and remove addictions, negative karma, imprints and cords to the old 3d matrix structures. As otherwise we resistantly stay attached to or connected to the old 3D structures through resonance. And since these structures are crumbling, falling apart and anchored in limitation and lack. This keeps us attached to struggle, drama, and fear. Lowering our own personal frequency. Making it more difficult to manifest our heart's desires. 

This 6 page special report contains wisdom, insights and 11 steps for manifesting in 5D. Based on Mystic Omorose's own perspective and experience. Which she shares in this valuable yet simple report. 


Once placed in the cart and ordered. This report is set to automatically be sent to your e-mail provided during checkout for download. If any issues occur during this process. Please contact me directly using my contact form. So that I can send out your report manually. 


Many Blessings~

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11 Steps to Manifesting in 5D - PDF Report by Mystic Omorose

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