3 Question E-mail Reading
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This is a 3 question psychic e-mail reading, with the answer provided to your question within 1 week of purchase/question submission. Monday through Friday 9am to 5:00pm PST. 

I will answer up to three Questions you have about any area of life including relationships, career, family, money, love, life purpose etc.

You may ask me up to 3 questions about any situation. Please be as specific as possible to assure the heart of your question is answered. For questions requiring open ended answers such as 'what is coming up for the year a head', or 'messages from angels and guides', please try a phone reading or in-depth reading where you can receive more detailed responses to multiple questions. 

I use a variety of divination tools to receive guidance from spirit which I then pass along the information to you. I am able to tune into energy at a distance, and can often predict the most likely future outcome of events based upon current energies. In sharing the insights which I receive, my intent is to help you make the best choices & decisions for yourself via free will. 

About me:

My name is Omorose. I am rated a 5 star psychic reader, a natural born psychic, clairvoyant, empath, clairsentient, channel and spirit messenger. I work with loving guides, angels and higher self to bring through compassionate & supportive advice and guidance. With over 10 years experience as an energy healer and spirit messenger, I am grateful to have many satisfied clients from all walks of life. I engage in tarot readings, distant healings, chakra readings and psychic readings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Readings are completed within 1 week of purchase/question submission. To ensure a complete, thorough and timely reading please send your questions promptly and provide your birth name (or first name) and birth date, when you submit your question and payment and also the name and birthdate of any person you are inquiring about (if you have that information).

I do not offer medical, pregnancy or legal advice. You must be at least eighteen years of age to purchase a reading, and consider all readings for entertainment purposes only. I thank you for your understanding.

Many Blessings-



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3 Question E-mail Reading

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