Aura Photo - Sent Digitally via E-mail
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This listing is for an aura photo sent via e-mail for 1 person. 

Just send a photo of yourself, a loved one, family member or pet to the e-mail provided at checkout. We will then scan your photo using our proprietary system, which uses quantum biofeedback and authentic energetic picture analysis, to provide an actual aura photo. Your aura photo will resemble the one below. However it will include whatever photo you send to us in the middle.   


That's all you have to do. As soon as your photo is scanned, and completed. We will send it to the e-mail received with your payment details, so you can see what your aura colors are. 

What is an aura?


The aura is an emanation or energy field which surrounds the body. Seen by intuitives clairvoyantly or special aura equipment. It exists at a higher frequency spectrum than material matter. Just as ultraviolet light or radio waves cannot be seen with the naked eyes. Yet are scientificially registered on special equipment. The auric field also exists around the body and is registered on special equipment. The aura can provide clues to the moods, feelings, and thoughts that a person is having. By the colors, brightness and clarity of the auric field around the person. In order to interpret the aura photo, you can see the free list below, to determine what may be going on in your own energy field. Or that of a loved one. Simply by viewing the below color chart to see how it compares to your aura.

If you are seeking up to date results, then it's best to send a very recent photo. If you want to see what your aura was emanating at a certain time in the past. You can send a photo from a special occassion such as graduation, wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday, first date, birth of baby, or other special event. To see what was going on in your energy field at this time. You may also send a photo of a family member, friend, loved one, child, pet, lover or someone you wish to have an aura photo for. 

It's fun, fast and also makes a great gift for a loved one. 

Once we receive your payment and photo, please allow up to 2 days for delivery of your aura photo (excluding weekends). You will need to check your mailbox (e-mail) for the photo which will be sent digitally. You can then print this off, save it to a file, or share with family and friends via e-mail, facebook, twitter etc. If you have not received your photo within the time frames listed above, then please check your spam folder to see if it may have dropped there. Otherwise you may contact us using the contact tab on this website. 

Aura Color Chart:  


Bright, clear, vivid hues indicate clear, radiant, positive energy. Muddy or dull hues indicate unclear, negative or disrupted energy. Deeper hues indicate more serious or intense energy. Here are what the colors around one's aura generally mean:


Red – Energy, passion, raw physical vitality, determination. 


Orange – Happiness, success, courage, creativity.


Yellow – Playful, enthusiastic, optimistic, intellectual.


Green – Vitality, abundance, growth, healing taking place, or healing abilities.


Lime green – communicating emotions, considerate, optimistic, and persistent.  


Turquoise –Sensitive, compassionate, influential, spiritual heart based.    


Blue – empathic, tranquil, trustworthy, communicator, channeler.


Indigo – Intuitive, perceptive, strong convictions, spiritual, system buster.


Violet – Visionary, idealist, peaceful, leader, teacher.


Pink – loving, giving, tender, romance, flirty, falling in love.


Magenta – non-conformist, eccentric, highly creative, unique.


Purple – psychic, visionary, spiritual, mysterious, and secretive.


Brown – earthy, practical, businesslike, careful.


Black – represents the void; into the cosmos or within the energy field or (holes in the aura).


White – purity, balanced energy, spiritual, angelic, empathic (taking in all the colors).


Gold – wisdom, enlightenment, awakened, learning higher truths.


Rainbow of colors – changing emotions, many thoughts and feelings emerging. 

The aura photo is not a diagnosis for illness or other conditions. This is for entertainment purposes only. 

About me:

My name is Omorose. I am rated a 5 star psychic reader, a natural born psychic, clairvoyant, empath, clairsentient, channel and spirit messenger. I work with loving guides, angels and higher self to bring through compassionate & supportive advice and guidance. With over 10 years experience as an energy healer and spirit messenger, I am grateful to have many satisfied clients from all walks of life. I engage in tarot readings, distant healings, chakra readings and psychic readings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure timely delivery of your item. Please send your photo promptly to the e-mail provided on your confirmation receipt sent via e-mail once you complete your payment. Also include an e-mail for us to send your completed aura photo/s to otherwise this will be sent to your paypal e-mail address. Aura photos, readings, or any charts or color interpretations are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. All of my services are for entertainment purposes only, and you must be at least 18 years to purchase a reading or aura photo through our store. 

Many Blessings-



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Aura Photo - Sent Digitally via E-mail

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