Entity Removal Session
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For entity removal - you will receive an entity removal prayer session activation, to help remove all variety of intrusions, dark spirits, negative thought forms, vampirism, entities, implants, and other energies that can and often do cause a variety of symptoms such as nightmares, fear, anxiety, and blockages showing up in your life.

I do a full scan of your energy field and chakras during the session. To determine where the blockages are. I then work with the Spiritual Hiearchy to remove interference, so that you can move forward with empowerment. Once the session is complete, I surround your aura with golden light and protection. To bring extra power and strength to the session. 

Here are more common signs that you may have entities or interference showing up in your life: 

Disturbed sleep 

chronic illness

constant relationship conflicts

feeling isolated 


nothing seems to work right

regular misunderstandings

obsessive negative thoughts

dwelling on a person or situation excessively

feeling panicky

things not going in your favor regularly

financial loss

feeling like someone else is in the room (even though no one is there)

unable to move forward with projects

It's important to understand that entities feed off of fear, emotional pain, disappointment and other negative emotions. They love to cause conflict and enter a persons energy field through weakness, illness, sexual relations, drug usage (recreational or prescription), heartache, betrayal, loss, and even through relationships with family, friends and co-workers. They lodge into a persons energy field and feed off a souls energy. Therefore they don't want to leave and will find any way to keep a person in the lower emotions and vibrations by causing chaos in persons life. They violate free will therefore can be removed by any skilled practioner and sent into the light. 

Once you have entitites removed, you will begin to notice great improvement in your life. This may include: 

Greater prosperity

Peace of mind

Improved relationships


More positive emotions


Improved health

Better sleep

Sense of expansion




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Entity Removal Session

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