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Are you looking for a great gift for the holiday season?

Do you have a friend, family member or co-worker who's birthday is coming up?

Do you want to treat someone special to a reading or reiki session?

All of Omorose's services are available for gift giving. 

Here is how it works. 


  • Once you make a purchase for any service listed on this website. Please contact us as soon as possible via our contact page. Just let us know which items you would like to give as gifts. 

  • We will then send you a gift certificate number for each service via e-mail, which you may then give to your recipients for each gift. 

  • You can notify your friends or family members in any way you prefer. Such as giving them a card or sending them an e-mail which includes their gift certificate number/s. 

  • All your friends or family members need to do. Is reference their gift certificate number/s when they decide to cash in on your gift. 


It's that simple. 



  • All items purchased as gifts, have a 90 day expiration date from purchase. 

  • We do not mail paper gift certificates in the mail or e-mail your recipients. This way, you can creatively surprise your friends and family, however it works best for you. To deliver their special gift. ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Upon request, a gift certificate template will be emailed to you via e-mail in PDF format (as shown in second photo).  This way you can print off blank gift certificates. Fill them in with voucher numbers, and give them away to friends and family. 
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Gift Certificates

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