Group Lightwave - Harmony & Peace Blessing May 28th
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Tuesday, May 28th 3:30- 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time USA 

Lightwave Group Activation

Harmony and Peace Blessing

Could you use a bit more harmony in your life?

Are you experiencing accelerated change in life with feelings of uncertainty or confusion?

And a desire for increased peace and well being?


As the earth and her inhabitants go through a time of great change, turbulance and transformation. Due to the vibrations of the planet increasing. This blessing is designed to support all participants with a sense of greater harmony, peace and well-being. In all areas of life. Including relationships, family, finances, career,  life goals, and general well-being. With the goal to shift the inner being into a place of more acceptance, peace and harmony, amidst any outer chaos.  


Benefits of this session may include increase of the following:  













Focus to bring balance and harmony to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. 

About Lightwave:  

Lightwave is an energy technique brought forth through Bryan De Flores via the Pleiadian star system. It is designed to work in harmony with our natural biological systems. Lightwave utilizes energetic infusions, to help restore balance to the body, spirit and mind. In order to shift a persons thoughts and emotions, which eventually brings more harmony within the energy field, physical body, and chakra systems. The Lightwave energy includes inter-dimensional off-planet healing matrixes and codes of light. Which work on multi-dimensional levels. To bring about rapid shifts of consciousness expansion, growth and transformation.


As a certified practitioner of the Lightwave Healing system, Mystic Omorose will infuse selected energetic frequencies via long distance using quantum physics while creating a healing grid for all participants to receive the appropriate energetic infusions and frequencies as a group to support the intention of this blessing. 

Participants also will receive a prayer blessing inside a grid filled with beautiful fresh flowers, which will stay on the altar for 7 days for continuous blessings, bringing in more power to this session. 


Bonus included with this session: Brief oracle message which will be sent via e-mail after this blessing (may be a few sentences to a paragraph). Which offers additional support and insight for anchoring energies of this group blessing. 


Investment for this life empowering activation:

 Only $55   


Please send full name, date of birth, and current location (city/state) after payment is sent. You will then receive a confirmation within 48 hours of payment. Indicating that you have been confirmed for this event.

Note: You do not have to be home during the time that this blessing takes place. As it will work on a higher self level no matter what you are doing at the time. If you prefer to rest during this session, this is wonderful as well. 



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Group Lightwave - Harmony & Peace Blessing May 28th

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