Harmony Repatterning Phone Session 75 Minutes
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This listing is for a 75 minute Harmony Repattering Session.


What is Harmony repatterning?


Harmony repatterning is a technique I received and discovered through direct experience. By connecting with my spiritual support teams and higher self. It functions through non-linear energetic principles. Which are designed to bring more harmony and balance to the evolving human being.


During the phone call. We set the intention to discover target areas of trauma or energy blockages. That may be keeping you stuck in old patterns, repeat looping cycles, or disempowering emotions, thoughts or situations.

We then focus through intention and spiritual energetic techniques to resolve through non-linear repatterning in order to bring more harmony and empowerment into your life.

The first 15 to 20 minutes of our phone call may result in discussing issues of concern. Creating the space for your voice to be heard and intentions to be acknowledged. We then together co-create the space for your repatterning to occur. Which consists of focused intention, certain visualizations, and specific energy upgrades utilized during our session or phone call.

I am also able to clairvoyantly see blockage, weakness or strength within the chakras and energy field of a person even at a distance. So can often go directly to the areas most evident during a session. As well, we set the intention to shift what is needed the most at the time of our session.

What to expect from our session?

Since each person is unique results vary. However, our goal is to bring more rapid shifts to important areas of life. More specifically the areas we focus on for your session. So that you can benefit from moving past major blockages.  And step more fully into your personal power. In addition you can expect to regain a fresh perspective, as well as a sense of harmony and empowerment through our repatterning session.

So if you are ready to move past major issues or blockage. Whether it be in relationships, financially, life purpose, love, well-being, adjusting to the new earth frequencies or maintaining a sense of purpose, balance or grounding here on earth. I invite you to book a session with me. So that we can start right away for your benefit. And work together in supporting you into moving to a place of more harmony and personal empowerment.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.




Mystic Omorose 

OMoROSE is rated of 5 star psychic reader. She is a natural born psychic clairvoyant, empath, clairsentient, and spirit messenger. OMoROSE works with loving guides, angels and higher self to bring through compassionate supportive advice and guidance. With over ten years experience as an energy healer and spirit messenger. OMoROSE is grateful to have assisted many satisfied clients from all walks of life.  

Offering Skype to Skype international or direct dial to the USA. You may check Omorose's calendar in advance for availability on the 'contact us' tab of this website, or book directly after this purchase. You must provide a valid USA phone number so that OMoROSE can call you at the time of your scheduled appointment once you purchase a reading. Or otherwise  provide your skype handle after purchase. So that a call can be made via skype at our scheduled time to provide your reading. 

As a courtesy, OMoROSE requires at least 24 hours notice to reschedule any booking due to emergencies. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a reading from her, and all readings are for entertainment purposes only.  

Thank you in advance. OMoROSE looks forward to speaking with you soon. 


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Harmony Repatterning Phone Session 75 Minutes

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