Sacred Rose Broadcast Full Month - Long Distance (1 person)
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Sacred Rose Broadcast ~

An energetic broadcast designed to awaken the heart and ignite passion of the soul. ♥

"When the heart is open - only joy can follow" ~ OMoROSE

Intention/Focus: Continuous broadcast of divine unconditional love for your benefit and support 24/07. Whether you have a partner or not, this broadcast is for anyone welcoming a continuous flow of love vibrations broadcast into their life. The more open you are to receive; the more you will benefit from this blessing. 

Depending upon need driven by individuals higher self, this broadcast goes out to strengthen love relationships ~ bring in soul mate or twin flame as desired ~ open the heart ~ awaken passions ~ support a grieving heart ~ mend betrayals & heartache or loss ~ enhance self esteem and self love ~ bring in positive flow of love energies ~ remove obstacles in love ~ ignite soul purpose - balance male/female energies within the body, support inner joy, bliss, and unconditional love, open up the fragrant petals of your true essence; divine love. ♥ 

Broadcast Includes: 

♥ Long distance reiki broadcast to all recipients inside rose quartz grid - (rose quartz = stone of love).

♥ Broadcast of ‘high vibrational rose oil’ via radionics to all recipients (rose = flower of the heart).

♥ Rose oil blessing (Each recipients name will be held in a pink good luck feng shui envelope, and anointed with rose oil) to empower the blessing of divine love into action (Pink is the color of romance). 

♥ Prayer of ‘unconditional love and empowerment’ broadcast to all recipients-via Sedona sacred rock, connected to power spot of Sedona, Arizona., known to amplify prayers. (Sedona - Heart chakra of America).

♥ Angel message card drawn for entire group and e-mailed to each recipient every Wednesday USA. (Inspiration). 

♥ Calling upon angelic hosts including Archangel Chamuel, Mother Mary, Lady Nada to invoke the flame of divine love for each recipient. (Angels/Deities of Divine Love)

♥ Auric shield of the rose placed around each recipient, removing negative energies, and bringing in the essence of the sweetness and divine nectar of the sacred rose blessings - divine love - joy. (Rose clears the aura, and strengthens high frequency band around recipients). 

♥ Affirmation repeated on behalf of all recipients 10x : My world is filled with peace, joy, love and sacred relationships that nurture my inner soul. (Affirmations add power).

♥ Heart Chakra Bowl played while invoking recipients auric rose shield, and toning of the heart chakra frequencies broadcast to all recipients. (Sound raises frequency of recipients across time/space).

♥ Water blessing - energies from broadcast, restructure water inside of the grid, with intentional prayers. The water is then used to bless medicine wheel, roses, or poured into sacred creek nurturing and strengthening the entire broadcast and sending it out for growth, expansion and divine fulfillment. Water changes molecular structure through prayer as discovered by Masaru Emoto.

♥ 24/07 Broadcast of gentle divine love through placing all recipients names in pink envelopes onto sacred altar with rose petals, rose quartz, and blessing of Archangel Chamuel surrounded by orgonite heart devices (self generating positive life force energy continuous 24/07 - an unceasing prayer).

Broadcast will take place each Wednesday, sometime between 9am - 5pm Pacific USA time. You do not need to tune in, for the energies to work. The energies will tune into you! ♥ 

Once payment is made, please send your full name, date of birth, location using our online contact form on this website. Your first session will start the first upcoming Wednesday of the week, provided payment made by Tuesday 5pm Pacific Standard time. ´╗┐Otherwise it will start the following Wednesday.

"Your Sacred Rose Broadcast is wonderful!!!The energies are so powerful and loving. I was in a bubble of love and joy the entire day and evening that still continues!!! Awesomeness it's like I'm on a love high!!! Thankyou once again."

"Hello Omorose,
Just wanted to let you know that today I felt much ease and peace in my heart. I'm not sure if it's this broadcast or the reiki you started for me and xx, but I feel a bit of piece and a whisper of joy. I've been so stressed and on edge lately. So thank you 

"The Sacred Rose Broadcast really does something magical when I need protection from energy draining people or situations. The negativity seems to bounce off of me, and I am still able to be compassionate with whomever I am speaking. I am able to send unconditional love to the person I am working with, and I actually can feel them receive it in the way that works best for them. It is hard to explain, but I just know. Their restless energy is calmed down quite a bit. I am also able to walk away from these folks and let them be so they can find their way."

"Dear Omorose,
Both my mother & Mike said that they felt the Sacred Rose Broadcast during the middle part of the day. Mike was having his lunch at Subway, felt the energy come into his being, and was amazed that it lasted quite a while. He was very happy to receive it and will be paying more attention to the broadcast. He knows it will help to heal his heart. My mother said she felt a calming, fell asleep on the ottoman, and said that she felt 'good' inside.

I was driving around doing errands, but also felt a wash of calming energy flow through me, I felt so elated and a great sense of loving warmth surround me. The tension from the ongoing stress around me especially in my heart released. This blessing feels very different. Even now, I am in a state of bliss! I know the stress is out there, but I feel like I am in a protective cocoon and can feel my heart pulsing.

Update: Just talked to Mike and my mother this morning. Reminded both that the Sacred Rose Broadcast is 24/7. Mike said, "Is that why I still feel the energy?" He was really amazed and so grateful. My mother said that she feels so comfortable. Let them know to just allow the healing energies in and they will find them as appropriate.

By the way, when I returned to work yesterday, I was greeted with a very warm welcome from my co-workers. They were beaming at me and were so happy to see me back. I know the energy being transmitted from the Sacred Rose Broadcast which you had started yesterday definitely had a profound impact in me and the energy around me. It is the ongoing flow of love radiance which flowed through me and touch them deeply. Seems they could not resist making connection with that love. I just remained open and let the healing energy flow out to everyone.

I believe that the Sacred Rose Broadcast not only helps the recipient directly, but also those who come into contact with us.We all want to be loved and supported, what a wonderful way to have that love reach everyone. Spirit truly works in wondrous ways.

Even when seemingly minor irritations occur, I do my best to 'let go' and let the Rose Broadcast energies to flow in and help me, and it sure does. My heart is relieved, and I am actually helped into a space of positive outlook.

I am so happy to be off the next three days. I will be basking in the Sacred Rose Broadcast energy! Did not mean to ramble, just wanted to share how I truly felt about it all."

Sacred Rose Broadcast provided by Usui andViolet Flame Reiki Master Mystic OMoROSE. Relax in the nurturing space of your own home and open yourself up to receive the beneficial, warm divine gift of reiki energies through this divine broadcast.

About me: My name is Mystic Omorose. With over ten years experience as an energy healer and spirit messenger, I am a Usui and Violet Flame Reiki Master. Additionally, I have taken basic and advanced courses & training in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Integrative Energy Therapy, Touch for Health, Emotional Freedom Technique, Shamanism, and Crystal Healing. I am a natural born psychic and spirit messenger who works with loving angels and spirit guides who are called forth during each session.

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a reiki session or energy broadcast session from me.

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Sacred Rose Broadcast Full Month - Long Distance (1 person)

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