Spirit Messages - Add On
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For a Reiki Spirit Messages Session you will receive the following in addition to your reiki session: 


1) Full chakra balance 

2) I will reveal who your personal spirit guides or helpers are. This may include angels, ascended masters, animal spirit guides, deceased loved ones, helper guides.

3) I will include any messages from your personal spirit guides that are revealed during the session. This is generally a half a dozen or more messages, depending upon what comes through for you during the session. These are usually at least a full page of messages at a minimum. 

4) The session will be closed with golden healing light and the frequency of the DNA tuning forks. Sound travels at a distance, so you will receive the benfits of a DNA activation through the resonance of these amazing tuning forks.


This is an add on to any session. 

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Spirit Messages - Add On

Price: $125.00
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